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Blue Iris Ink Collection

This collection was created out of an experimental painting exercise.

I had a bouquet of fresh-cut iris in the kitchen. One of the blossoms had wilted and was dripping color on the countertop.

I pulled out a paintbrush, watercolor paper and started painting with the pigment. It was fun to watch the purple dye, turn blue as it dried on the page.

Within the floral shapes of this design, you'll notice small fragments of the actual flower petal. This detail makes the iris an actual part of the composition.

blue iris ink painting cropped.jpg

Blue Iris Ink Floral

Iris Ink All Over Pattern floral.jpg

Blue Iris Ink Floral 2

iris ink swatch of compliment.jpg

Blue Iris Ink Droplets

Iris Ink Swatch Solid.jpg

Iris Ink Spill

I enjoy the process of creating product concepts with the designs I make.

These images are mockups of potential product ideas.

Blue Iris Ink Floral Mug Mockup.jpg
plate mockup with blue floral.jpg
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