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Decking New Halls

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Fall is here, and that means the holidays are on deck. Retail stores are already filling their shelves with items for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Seeing pre-lit trees in the aisles at Target this week got me thinking. We recently moved, and I never sent out change-of-address cards to friends and family.

I love receiving holiday cards, but without sharing our new address, the mailbox may be more empty than in previous years.

Combining the change-of-address announcement with our Christmas card, I can get two mailings covered in one! The key to making sure our new address gets out in time is mailing them EARLY.

I designed this card to include our new address and a Christmas message. The back can also be customized with text and photos.

After spending years in the greeting card business, I know there are some that start addressing their holiday cards around Thanksgiving. I've typically sent ours out in the middle of December, but this year, I'll get out in front of those early birds and mail them before Thanksgiving.

If you have recently moved and want to send out a combo card like this, I'm taking custom orders. For more information and to customize an order, connect with me here: It's not too early to start getting them printed.

The cards

An example of customization can include a color change and up to 7 personalized box labels.

This is a fun way to incorporate your names, hobbies, or interests into the illustration.

The cards are 5" x 7" and come with white envelopes. Cards are sent directly to you for stamping and mailing out as EARLY as you want.

For more info on pricing and addressing options, contact me here:


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